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1. Tax History Check

Tax Return Brisbane History Check

By accessing ATO Portal we see if you missed any deductions you supposed to claim in the past

2. Client Interview

Tax Return Brisbane Interview

We ask you as many questions as possible to provide you a maximum tax refund

3. Free Tax Tip

Tax Return Brisbane Recommendations

We give you clear recommendations on how to maximise your tax refund next year

4. Tax Refund

Tax Refund Brisbane

ATO sends you a Notice of Assessment and pays your tax refund within 2-3 weeks

Normally it takes about 14 days for ATO issue your refund, however in a rare cases ATO requires up to 30 days to process your tax return.

Although the due date for lodging tax returns is 31st October, we are happy to help our clients by applying for an extension.

If you will receive a bill from ATO and you will be able to pay it online or by post. If you do not have enough money to pay by the due date we can arrange a payment plan with ATO

You are still required to notify the ATO by submitting a “Non-lodgement advice”. This lets the ATO know that you were not required to lodge a tax return that year.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you have any outstanding tax returns you wish to lodge – this will help you to avoid any unnecessary penalties or charges.

Yes, absolutely. We can deduct our fees out of your refund for a small $25 fee. You will be able to claim all of our fees on your next tax return.

Generally you need to keep your receipts for 5 years. We strongly recommend storing them somewhere safe on your computer will prevent fading and keep keep your receipts legible.

We can help you with lodging an amendmet of your tax return. These specific changes should be applied within 2 years of your requested tax return, however, sometimes special circumstances could help with an extension request.

In normal circumstances, ATO allows up to $300 worth of deductions to be claimed without any substantiation documentation.

There several car expenditures that can be claimed, such as distance (km) while driving between job sites or carrying job specific tools and equipment. We will make sure to apply the best possible scenario, but remember that driving to and from work is not applicable for claiming.

Yes, please make sure to keep a general log book that includes distance and associated receipts, e.g. fuel, car registration, any maintenance or repairs etc.